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Frequently Asked Questions

  • QUESTION: How should I choose the correct Lens Size for my cameras?
ANSWER:  As a general rule, the smaller the Lens Size is, the wider the Viewing Angle and shorter the Focal Distance. Typical examples are as follows: A 3.6 mm lens = 75 degrees of viewing angle; 4 mm lens = 70 degrees; 6 mm = 50 degrees; 8 mm lens = 38.5 degrees; 12 mm = 26.2 degrees.
For  example, a 4 mm lens would be best to monitor the back yard, whereas an 8 or 12 mm lens would be best to monitor a driveway. Please note the 'Lens Sizes' available for the specific model of camera you require, in 'CAMERAS' Product Specifications.
  • QUESTION: I have noticed a slight tinge of pink on the Daytime Colour Images from my Infra-red camera. Is this a Technical Fault with the camera?
ANSWER: No, this is normal for Infra-red Cameras. Please refer to the Sample Images on the Home Page;
  • QUESTION: With my White Light Cameras, I notice the White Lights are constantly on at night. Is this a Technical Fault with the camera?
ANSWER: No, this is not a fault. The White Lights are designed to come on in near total darkness and switch off during the day. The High efficiency LED's have very low power consumption and also serve as a Security Light at night.
  • QUESTION: I have installed my new White Light camera on my existing analogue system and the LED lights flash on and off in darkness. Is this a Technical Fault with the camera.
ANSWER: Not necessarily. We have heard of this on two occasions now and in both cases the fault was traced to the existing power supply being  under-rated. Please ensure that the power supply to the camera meets the Product Specifications. I.e. For most models that would be 12VDC 2A (25W)